VGm Story 02: “Shints”

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Length: Short
Immaturity Level: Light

Alright ladies and gentlemen gather around the camp fire for my second story!
Brian… don’t sit there, it’s next to a nest of spiders.

Okay… so I’ve met a very funny group of people on MW2 quite some time ago. There were 3 guys just going on about the most amusing random shit but when the map changed to “derail”, the greatest things were said.

They began making fun of the losing team for being messy and unorganized.
The reason being is because they were being impatient. They would rush out that 3 floor building nearest to the bridge going up, over the rail tracks.
(For those unfamiliar with the map, the team was basically rushing out in the open where we could easily shoot them.)

One of guys who we will call “Orange pool cue” says,
“Man, I’m gonna start a new cliche… ‘Impatient like a turtle’.”

Orange’s friend who is now called “lance the surf lancer” replies,

“What?! Why do you think turtles are impatient?”
“I dunno they always look so pissed off!”

Orange pool cue follows up with an impression of what he thinks an impatient turtle would be like…

“Awwgh fuck off now I have to swim over to that rock on the other side of the tank!”

Since we were already laughing from his new cliché, his follow-up made us break out into hard laughter. I, and most other people, couldn’t even play the friggen’ game! All you would see on the other team is a bunch of soldiers just standing still.

Time passes on, I’m still light-headed from laughing.
Lance or the third guy who I don’t feel like making a name up for, was trying to say something but since he was slurring his words so bad, no one could understand him.
Orange pool cue begins making fun of him saying,

“Fuck I don’t have the patience to talk properly, it takes too long.
For now on instead of saying ‘patience’ I’m saying ‘tience’ (Shints)”

I then broke into tears laughing and since I have around 17 different laughs (most of them are girlish), Everyone else lost it when they heard me.
Good times were had.

so for now on ladies and gentlemen, it’s “shints”.
You are dismissed.

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